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Toast in Small Lots / "Small Batch"

Toasting coffe in an artisan way means taking care of many details. Usually in the world of commercial coffee, it is roasted longer to hide all the impurities that were not eliminated in the collection process. Even in some countries, techniques such as roasted coffee are still used, which add sugar in the toasting process to disguise the poor quality of the grain. It is also common to see coffee with added flavors. In specialty coffee it is not a necessity because there are absolutely no mistakes that need to be hidden.

Here at Casa Barista & Co, we specialize in freshly roasted 100% Arabica specialty coffee. Our coffee is roasted in small batches in our toaster, which allows us to give each toast the care and attention that is required and deserved.

We do not believe in roasting all grains the same way, so we adjust the roasting profile to highlight the individual qualities that each coffee has to offer. In short, each individual coffee variety is roasted to it's maximum profile of unique flavor.

With this, we manage to allow the distinctive characteristics of each grain to develop and control the final taste in the cup served. This also stops the bitter and hard burnt taste that most people have traditionally associated with coffee. Instead, we can offer a wide variety of flavor notes, from floral and fruity to chocolate and nuts.

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