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Casa barista & Co.

At Casa Barista & Co. We want to break two paradigms. No. 1, Coffee does not only taste like "coffee". It is like any other fruit, if you work on it from the origin, process it and serve it with passion and quiality control, you will get what a special cup truly is. No 2, If we modify ingredients and work traditional dishes to make them healthier, what really matters is the quality of the calories you consume.


Enjoy a 100% Gluten Free menu and


At Casa barista & Co. Two crafts are complemented. A specialty coffe, toasted & extracted, then delivered to your cup with a healthy cut kitchen where alternative ingredients are used to replace allergens that affect your health.

When we focus on nutrient-rich foods in right size servings, the need to count calories stops being important. You've probably heard the famous phrase "Nobody got fat eating too much Kale". Kale, like other quality foods, is full of essential nutrients but has fewer calories. Eating well promotes a healthy lifestyle and allows us to maintain a healthy weight, improves athletic performance, improves the functioning of the body and reduces our risk of disease. We firmly believe that the important thing it the quality of the food we put into our bodies, restrictive diets do not work long term and counting calories is not the success of our health and fitness. 

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Discover an unforgettable flavor!


Victor Garrido Puello Street, LMP Plaza


Tel: (809) 692-4995


Monday – Sunday 07:00AM –10:00PM


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