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At Casa Barista & Co. we believe in putting into practice a real commitment to the planet. Since our opening, and being a small company we have decided to take a few more steps so that our operation is as respectful as possible with the planet. We call it a "green philosophy", very necessary, no matter how small we are.

Even before opening our doors, we were very clear that we wanted to be a place with a totally sustainable behavior. We made an extensive planning to be efficient in our energy consumption. For this we invest in very high efficiency air conditioners, movement sensors for lighting, LED lighting, and in electrical equipment with low consumption certification.


Perhaps where we feel even more proud is in our daily life, when we toast coffee. When we acquired our toaster, we also made sure to add an additional filter (without any legal

or sanitary requirement) that removes particles from the air in ourfireplace and reduces visible smoke by up to 80%. This system uses water and recycles it during each toast.

We also identify with the disposable trace produced by an operation such as ours, so during the next few months we will eliminate almost all types of non-recyclable or non-biodegradable plastics. To begin this transition, we invite you to support the great initiative of Keep Cup. Since 1998 the Australian brothers creators of Keep Cup have been developing reusable cups, suitable for coffee consumption, with sustainable designs and personalized style that make a difference and generate a experience that commits us to the planet.


With the hope of continuing with our contribution to the conservation of the environment, we worked on the design of the Keep Cup Casa Barista & Co.®, the cup that will become the best option to take your favorite drink away from our premises.


With our Keep Cup we want to encourage you to contribute to the reduction of the environmental impact and invite you to change the disposable for the reusable. This cup is friends with the planet, and also it is the first to be approved by the baristas of the world to use in the coffee machines. In addition, it allows to prolong the temperature of the coffee, keeping the hot coffee for about 30 minutes, avoid splashing with its pivoting flap, it is fit for dishwashers and microwaves, and all the plastic in its preparation of non-toxic polypropylene No. 5 free of BPA / BPS

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