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Specialty Coffee


What is Specialty Coffee?

Specialty coffee is a type of high quality coffee that differs from commercial coffee by the quality standards that it follows throughout its process. It is grown on farms with specific conditions chosen by the producers for their altitude and conditions regarding the temperature and humidity.

The harvesting process is completely manual, since the coffee growers are in charge of choosing very carefully the coffee cherries that are in their ideal point (a very ripe fruit or green can bring bitterness). Thanks to this, the Specialty Coffe is possible.

The preparation has to be done by specialized baristas, it is crucial for the chain to not break in this step, since the good baristas grind the coffee, choose the appropiate temperature for each type of coffee and know the exact proportion of water that they have to use for every drink in the exact moment that is it to be server.

At the end of the process you get a unique cup of coffee with a clean flavor and full of nuances (which do not need sugar).

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